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Frequently Asked Questions - NFSIII

How do I take screenshots?
Press ALT+P during the race or in the menu to take screenshots. The screens will be saved in Targa (TGA) format on your desktop. You can use a graphical program such as Paint Sop Pro to view the screenshots.

When I try to start a race, the loading bar gets to 100% and then the game locks or I get a blue screen error message.
Most of the time this error appears when you have obtained a virus off of the internet, particularly the CIH (Chernobyl) virus. We recommend downloading the newest virus updates for your anti-viral software and running a scan on your system. If you do not have an anti-virus program, several manufacturers do have evaluation copies of their software available on the internet which will detect and remove this virus for you. (AVP works fine with removing the CIH virus,

How come I can't find the dashboard-view anywhere?
To see dashbaords, you must have an 8 MB Direct 3D compatible AGP or PCI video card, or a 12 MB Voodoo2 card with 12 MB RAM.

How do I install edited cars?
Create a new folder in the "GAMEDATA/CARMODEL" folder of your NFSIII directory. The folder should have 4 characters, e.g. "limo" or "p911". Move the car.viv file from the edited ca you have downloaded into this folder and that's it. You can now choose the downloaded car from the "Player's cars list" in the game. Note: The readme files that come with the edited car often provide more installation help, so always read it...

I get an error message when I start NFSIII after installing edited cars.
You can't have more than 50 cars in the "gamedata/carmodel" folder, so remove a few cars if you have installed too much.

For more tech support visit EA tech support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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