GeForce cards and EA

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Posted by Walter on April 06, 19100 at 16:19:21:

It seems that EA has a problem with developing software that is compatible with any GeForce cards. Here is a email I sent them involving there recent so-call fix for FF VIII's graphics lines and other general complaints on there products.

After installing you patch for FF VIII to fix the graphics issues with my Creative GeForce Pro 256 DDR. I still have all the lines that where there before. I have used both reference drivers and factory ( creative ) drivers, both with the same effect. No fix for the lines in the graphics. I no longer will purchase games from EA unless they start putting out worth while products. I currently have several recent release games from EA and all of them have MAJOR issues. I also have several new and current games from other software developers. Guess what? The biggest problems I am having are 90% of the products from EA. Example EA, NFS5 ( crashes to desktop constantly when I hit the RACE button, the game is junk if I cannot play it correct? waste of my money), I have tried every fix imaginable to no effect and all the fixes from the message boards and even used the GeForce drivers that where on the CD-ROM itself, Boy was that a disaster ( by the way, lots of people are having this same problem it seems). Another, F1 2000, Constantly crashes at or around lap 25-28. I have chosen a 5% complete race and it never ends. It locks my PC up at lap 25-28, again junk and no message board available to see if others are having same issues. Thats nice. I have Microprose new game out called Gunship, no problems at all with. Nope none what so ever. Activisions, Star Trek Armada, no problems. The list goes on. No its not my PC. We want even get into to the disaster with Ultima 9 Ascension. I bought the Dragon issue. Wish I never did, waste of the install time, and my gas to go to the store for it.
Well that about sums up my Internet anger for the day. Who needs road rage when you have EA to take it out on....he he.
Best Regards

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