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Posted by jbodin on April 10, 19100 at 15:20:07:

In Reply to: Reviewed posted by JamesBond on March 22, 19100 at 18:29:09:

Whoa! What have you been smoking? I can't agree with a single thing you've said here. I'm a hardcore sim racing nut, and I don't care much for arcade racers (NFS3 and NFS:HS left me cold), and I'm pretty proficient at the grandaddy of all racing sims, Grand Prix Legends, and I really feel that NFSPU has it dead-on in the physics department. It sounds to me like you piddled around a little in the early portion of the Evolution mode, when the competition is, uh, weak at best in the 356 era. Later on, once you get into the Golden Era, the competition is PLENTY stiff for me, and very satisfying. Also, with regards to the physics, the 550 Spyder feels absolutely perfect -- VERY much like the high-performance Grand Prix cars in GPL, in fact. It's easy to set it into a 4-wheel drift, hang out the tail, and catch a slide with opposite lock (now Dirt Track Racing isn't the only game going that excels in the area of opposite-lock driving technique).

I'd give NFS:HS a "3" at best, because it is a fun diversion at times, but even though it's a good arcade racer, it does NOTHING to simulate the actual DRIVING experience -- and this is where NFSPU excels. I'd give NFSPU a 5 out of 5 for excelling in all areas, in fact. Wait about a week and NFS:HS will be on the $9.99 discount rack, because it can't hold a candle to NFSPU.

-- JB

: A Great looking game, unfortunately the feel of racing is non existant, the Physics of the cars seems off, especially the cars and the ratio to their surroundings, Online play looks much beeter than the the "eveolution" mode, a complete waste of time, in my opinion.

: And again, most tracks and cars are locked, which Im sure a crack will be out shortly.

: Even the best cars, there is no heart pounding adrenaline generated by this title. Another failing is the special effects of the cars, (I should say the lack of,) Damage is pathetic looking, so may as well turn it off.

: Ea has spent alot of time with the "new engine" and the scenery, but the heart of the whole "Need for Speed" series is lost on this one.

: out of 5 stars, Highstakes having 4, I have to give this only 3.

: Wait a few months when this is on the 9.99$ rack

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