Re: Do you want 959, GT3, and 928 GTS?

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Posted by G.G.S on May 13, 19100 at 20:13:55:

In Reply to: Re: Do you want 959, GT3, and 928 GTS? posted by Pauly on May 13, 19100 at 09:59:27:

Hey try it alright
Yes cars will LOOK LIKE the 944 , 911(996), and the gt2 but when u do the stuff that I mentioned before, try driving for example the original gt2 that you downloaded from the need for speed website and compare it to the 959 with the replacement gt2 graphics, you will see it sounds and feels different. The sounds and handling of the 959, gt3 and 928 came with the game, and what you are dowloading from the need for speed website is the graphics and cockpits of the cars.

: That's all Bullshit dude! All your doing is copying existing car data files and renaming to what you "think" a 959, GT3 and 928GTS should be. Your not even close. The 959 was all wheel drive and should never be "loose" and the 928GTS is a 350HP V8 powered car that is nothing like the 944 period. What a moron.

: : Well I found out a way to get the sounds and the handling of the 959, GT3 cup and 928 GTS cars, therefore there is no graphics of the cars.
: : This is how you do it and it is pretty easy which I'm certain that someone figured this one out already.
: : Make a New Folder , anywhere and any name (eg.c:\newcars)
: : Then from the NFS porsche folder got to GameData/CarModel/
: : The copy the files below

: : 944.clr
: : 944.crp
: : 944.tpg
: : 944D.fsh
: : 944L.fsh

: : 996.clr
: : 996.crp
: : 996.tpg
: : 996D.fsh
: : 996L.fsh

: : gt2.clr
: : gt2.crp
: : gt2.trg
: : gt2D.fsh
: : gt2L.fsh

: : Then paste these files in the folder that you created .

: : then replace the number '944' to '928' on the 994 files copied above, replace the number '996' to 'GT3' and replace the letters 'gt2' to '959'
: : (e.g. 944D.fsh to 928D.fsh)

: : Then copy the renamed files and paste them into the GameData/CarModels/ folder under the NFS porsche folder.

: : The GT3 feels stiff and sounds like the gt2 , the 959 is pretty loose but easy to control and has fine power, the 928 gts has a unique engine sound and you can loose the back when YOU want to, pretty sick. So have fun

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