Re: Are the physics REAL in NFS5?!

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Posted by Eisweisktar on June 19, 19100 at 23:43:35:

In Reply to: Are the physics REAL in NFS5?! posted by Spinner on June 14, 19100 at 14:45:30:

I can only comment on the "ping-pong" hits. Those, just like damage in NFS5, are somewhat unrealistic. In general, your car seems a lot tougher than a real one. After some crashes I had in NFS5, I would never expect to even start the engine up. It would probably blow up on me.

However, concentrate on NOT hitting the sides. Once you drive so that you don't hit the "rubber" walls, you're going to find that you're doing so much better.

: Hi people!

: I'm here for the first time and don't know was this topic discussed there or not. I've run briefly through the messages, but didn't found any.

: I never drive real car, and can't decide, how realistic are physics in PU. Some people around me says they are almost totally NOT REAL. But on the internet forums nothing about it. Seems like everybody happy with new physic model, and your poll shows it. So I'm trying to get it clear to me.

: Well, three main questions:

: 1. Spins and slides. Every car go in spins and slides very easily. Also it's very easy to loose direction of run. In comparision with NFS4 and NFS3 it feels like running on icy road. Does real car runs in that style? If so, that's just terrible. :)

: 2. Border hits. When angle of hit is about 30-60 degrees, the car kicks off like a ping-pong ball. I understand that borders are solid, but anyway,is it real? May be car must turn face to border and should stop very quicky?

: 3. Long 90 degree slides. In some cases, car turns on 90 degree to direction of movement with high speed about 150-200 km/h and slides until full stop. It can take long time and distance (again like ice on the road?). And how realistic that style of moving. May be tires should deform, car should get big heeling and upset on it's roof?
: I've got car on the roof only on sloped surfaces or after big side-hits.

: Well, I hope to get answers from professionals, or people who get real car (and sportcar)driving experience.

: Please, give wide-spread answers if it possible. I've got some: "1. yes 2. yeahp. 3. just realistic", and need some more detailed info.

: And last thing. I heard, that developers of the game (anyone knows their emails?) drived every car represented in PU at Porsche factory. If so, did they implemented in game real feelings and style of driving? Or not?

: Well, enough for today. Thanks to everyone who will answer.

: P.S. Forgive me for poor English, it's not my native language.

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