Re: I need some NFS Tips!

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Posted by Kirk on June 20, 19100 at 16:56:14:

In Reply to: Re: I need some NFS Tips! posted by Jay on April 08, 19100 at 01:51:26:

hmm. you're probably sliding out a lot and stuff huh? or trying to go into a turn , going to fast andd your car just goes straight even though you ahve the wheels cranked the other way? =)
try this> setup your car so that it breaks a bit more to the rear than the front (default is setup dead center, move it a tick and a half towards the rear) this will give you more oversteer(your ass end will slip a bit, but you can power out of it). upgrade your cars sway bars/shocks/suspension to sport or performance/race gear. this will help a lot too. and, don't be afraid to use the break, just do it BEFORE the turn, not in the turn (youw ill prolly slide out if you do it in the turn). teach yourself how to drive stick (in the game hehe) so that you know when to downshift/upshift to create slides/avoid slides/come out of slides. i've got my cars setup now so that if i'm in a 5 speed manual i can hit a turn going pretty good in fourth, let off gass to create sum slippage (which will point my nose inthe right direction) and then muscle out of it. if you start to slide too far and your about to spin out, drop her into 5th and your wheels will stop spinning, as soon as you get control (this will be almost instantaneous) drop it back into 4rth and go like snot! =) hope that helps. oh yeah, and get yerself a joystick or a wheel. ms sidewinder joystick (non feedback) = $60 . and it kicks ass.


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