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Posted by Amiga on July 10, 19100 at 12:03:51:

In Reply to: Re: Setup of car posted by PolishProdigy on July 06, 19100 at 14:27:36:

: DC.

: Gear ratios:
: if you make the gear ratios, short then your car will accelerate faster, at the loss of top end speed
: if you get long gear, you will loose time on accleration, but you will gain top speed,,
: in other words, on tracks wich don't have long straight aways, and have many tight turns, where you need to slow down and then accelerate use short gear ratios.. when you use long gear ratio use em on tracks that have long straight aways,,

: the front wheels do 75% of the breaking in a normal car, since the mass of the car is being moved forward while stoping,
: but i beleive that in the game if you set up for the rear to have more breaks that you can finshtail and slide around corners easier, by locking up the rear wheels,,,
: if you add the breaks to the front wheel, although i am not certain, but i beleive it might give you a bit more stoping power but the car might under stear while breaking into a corner,,,

: hope that helped you out,,

Thought I would just add to the mix....

More things that can increase your performance are the sliders above the brake balance and tire pressure.

Tire Pressure: the less tire pressure you have... the more your car will grip the road, but it may slow your down depending on how much you reduce it. Increasing pressure will give you better speed but a little less handling capability. I like to keep a lower psi. in the front tires because those tires are the ones that steer the car and need the grip.

ride height: you can lower your car which will increase grip to the road and lower your center of gravity, but you may bottom out more going over bumps... try increasing the shock stiffness to compensate for this... but not too much... you don't want to bounce right off the road.

steering toein: the changes the slant your tires are at.. increasing the toein will put the bottom of your tires further out than the top of your tires... this increases handling.. esp. when cornering..

steering speed: this just makes the steering wheel more responsive when driving and decreases the ammount of clicks the steering wheel rotates.

if you fool around with all these settings I guarantee you will get better performance out of your car and will definitely beat the computer.

what polishprodigy said about gear ratios works only on the racers in NFS5... if you want to get the same effects out of "standard" (heaven forbid) porsches go to the parts menu and buy a close ratio gearbox or a high speed gearbox...

and since i'm a little conceited, i'll tell you that i know all this junk and i'm still only 17 :)

cars are my hobby :)


P.S. email me if you have any other questions about car setup and junk....

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