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Check back for our Midtown Madness review this weekend!

Midtown Madness features:
Ready for white-knuckle racing through the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago? Feel like smashing a few parking meters as you burn rubber on the staid pavements of upscale neighbourhoods? Midtown Madness is what you've been waiting for!

Experience the madness of high-speed driving in a big city--without inconveniences like traffic laws, insurance companies, severe personal injury, or death:

  • Drive anywhere on miles and miles of roads that recreate the Windy City--right down to Grant Park and Wrigley Field. Take shortcuts down dark alleys, through shopping malls, and across well-groomed city parks. The possible combinations of routes are nearly limitless, realistically duplicating the strategic challenge of urban navigation at high speeds.
  • Watch out for pesky cops. Break any traffic law in their sight, and they will chase you down and try to ram you right off the road. Can you outsmart them?
  • Slam into a few mail boxes (watch the mail fly), parking meters, trees, street signs, and trash cans as you rip down a sidewalk. All these objects tumble realistically as you hit them.
  • Rush hour traffic in your way? You could try another time of day (or night), or use the sidewalk, but why not take a more direct approach with the Freightliner Century semi: Watch cars roll and tumble out of your way with brutal realism!
  • Add entirely new cities and vehicles with planned expansion packs.

Try all ten vehicles, from assorted sports cars and sedans to a bus and a semi truck. Each has speed, handling, durability, and mass that closely matches the real versions of these vehicles--thanks to a powerful physics engine that also handles complex collisions.

Part of the challenge is to choose the best vehicle for a particular race, which might favour an off-road vehicle in snow, and a sports car in good weather, or a massive vehicle in heavy traffic. Ever try jumping a raised draw-bridge in a bus?

Try all of the Single Player and Multiplayer scenarios to fit your mood. In each scenario, hundreds of possible routes, changing weather, unpredictable traffic, and predatory cops give you nearly unlimited replay depth with adrenaline-laced strategic challenges.

  • In the Cruise, freely explore the city at breakneck speeds.
  • In Checkpoint Races, find a bunch of checkpoints in any order, by any route, before your opponents beat you to it. In Single Player Mode, AI opponents set different paces and go by different routes, adding to the strategic challenge of outwitting them.
  • In Blitz Races, reach the finish line before time runs out. Watch out for unpredictable traffic, slippery roads in snow and rain, and swarms of cops...
  • In Circuit Races, race through paths in the city, like an urban track with secret shortcuts.
  • In Gold Rush Match (Multiplayer only), customise your own game-play that revolves around grabbing gold and getting away with it. Things quickly turn into a Demolition Derby when your opponents decide to steal your gold by ramming you...
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Midtown Madness

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