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File Description
Track editor 0.04
(108 Kb)
Made by Denis Auroux. Very good editor to edit the shape (x,y and z-axis) of NFS III tracks. You can create your own corners, hills, etc, don't forget to download this one!
Vivwizard 0.7
(837 Kb)
Made by J.J. Mortensen. Editor with which you can change almost everything of the cars. Performance, name, dashes, etc. If you want to edit NFSIII cars you really shouldn't miss this one!
CarCAD 1.35
(306 Kb)
+ needed dll-files
(1,58 Mb)
Made by Chris Barnard. Editor for changing shape (3D-model), light reflection, etc of cars from NFS III. It's easier to use than EA's editor(Mrc), besides it is windows-based. The editor requires some ddl-files which most people don't have yet, so I would recommend to download them too.
Mrc (
(1.54 Mb)
Made by EA. Editor for changing shape, light reflection, etc of cars from NFS III. It's VERY hard to use.
Viv de/encoder
(32 Kb)
Made by Mike "Thommson". Editor for decoding/ encoding car.viv files from NFS III cars. The car.viv files include almost everthing about a car. After you have decoded a car.viv file you can easily change the texture of the car (car00.tga file) with for example Paint Shop Pro. The decoder/encoder is easy to use.
(45 Kb)
Made by Dennis Auroux. Convert *.qfs and *.fsh files to bitmap format After that you can easily edit the bitmap-file with for example Paint Shop Pro.
Car Convertor Beta
(30 Kb)
Made by Mike "Thommson". Converts NFSII cars to NFSIII cars. This beta version includes some bugs, but the converted cars aren't very bad.
Car design guide
(- Kb)
Made by Patrick Wisselo. Information on how to edit cars for NFSIII.

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