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Need for Speed: High Stakes - cheats

PC cheats
You can type the cheats below in any of the menus. However, to get them to work you first need to install the Cheat Enabler. You can download it here (2 Kb, readme included).

tr00MPV - traffic car
tr01Pickup - traffic car
tr02Mercedes SL 600 (old) - traffic car
tr03Stationwagon - traffic car
tr04Audi 100 - traffic car
tr053 doors hatchback - traffic car
tr06Bus - traffic car
tr07Ford powerwagon - traffic car
tr08SUV - traffic car
tr09Mazda Mx-5/Miata - traffic car
tr10Bus 2 - traffic car
tr11Garbage Truck - traffic car
tr12Semi Truck - traffic car
tr13Truck with snowplow - traffic car
tr14Fuel Truck - traffic car
acarBonus car
bcarBonus car
ccarBonus car
dcopBonus Hot Pursuit car
ecopBonus Hot Pursuit car
fcopBonus Hot Pursuit car
carsEnables all cars
tracksEnables all tracks
gofastUpgrades engines (Arcade Mode)
monkeyUpgrades automatic transmission (Arcade Mode)
moonLow gravity (Arcade Mode)
madlandSuper human opponents (Arcade Mode)
buyFree purchase (Career Mode)
up0No upgrades (Career Mode)
up11st upgrade (Career Mode)
up22nd upgrade (Career Mode)
up33rd upgrade (Career Mode)
gatesIncrease money (Career Mode)
alltiersOpen all tiers
outmywayPress the horn and the nearest opponent in front of you will see their tires explode and screech to a halt.
resetyaPress the horn and this will reset all opponents who are in front of you, no matter how far in front they are.

Playstation cheats
- username cheat codes
- cheat tricks
- Gameshark codes

Username cheat codes

  • Type HOTROD as you username to drive the Titan bonuscar!
  • Type WHIRLY as your username to reveal the helicopter!
  • Type FLASH as your username to reveal the Phantom bonus car!
  • Type BIGOVEN as your username to have English speaking cops on all tracks!
  • To enable dashboards you must do the following: after you have hit Race, hold Up + Triangle + X through the loading screen till the race starts. Now you should have the dasboard view too! It requires some practise to use this cheat, and when you want to disable the dashboards you have to press the same buttons again.
  • When the dasboard mode is activated press the HORN for a turbo! Your car will drive much faster!

Cheats tricks

Facilitate Hot Pursuit mode
Choose Pursuit Mode and get yourself one of the cops. As soon as the game starts, hold L1 and press UP to turn off your sirens. The one you were chasing will drive slower now. When you've caught up to him, press L1 + UP to turn your sirens back on, then pull him over.

Thanks to Brandon

Extra Money
After buying your first car go to two-player mode and select High Stakes. It will ask you if you want to save; select YES. After accessing memory slot 1 it will ask for memory card 2. Take the card out of slot #1 and place it in #2. The game will think it's a different memory card and will duplicate your car. Now all you have to do is beat yourself, how difficult, and sell the car you won.

Extra Music Tracks
First, go to the audio options from the main menu. Then go to the cd player and select it. Go all the way to the bottom, and there are two music tracks that are turned off. Just turn them on, and you can listen to them while your driving.

Super Cop Cars
To get the Super Cop Cars, you must arrest 10 speeders within the given time limit.

Turn on the Blinker and Lights
To turn on the blinker, while driving hold L1 and then press left or right. To turn on the lights in the day hold L1 while driving and then press down and the lights will turn on.

Thanks to DoomDriver for all these great cheats!

Increase car-weight
Hold (LEFT+CIRCLE+SQUARE) immediately after pressing the X or start button for a race. Your car will now have a much larger weight and this is especially useful for bumping traffic cars from the road or to pass roadblocks without loosing much speed.
Thanks to Zerilt Andavari

Drunk mode
After selecting your car, press start to load the race, then before the loading screen appears, immediately hold Up+L2+R1. Continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disappears. The screen will now be blurred, giving the effect you are drunk.

Gameshark codes

Miscellaneous Cheats
Semi-Drunk Mode8013 E6AC 002F
Drunk Mode8013 E6AC 001F
Funky Views8011 05E0 000?
Dash View8011 491C 0001

Tournament & Special Events Mode
Infinite Cash in Account80115DA4 C9FF
80115DA6 3B9A

Solo & Tournament Race - Garage Slot Modifiers
Slot #1
Car Modifier30115534 00??
Max Upgrade30115535 000F
Slot #2
Car Modifier30115538 00??
Max Upgrade30115539 000F
Slot #3
Car Modifier3011553C 00??
Max Upgrade3011553D 000F
Slot #4
Car Modifier30115540 00??
Max Upgrade30115541 000F
Slot #5
Car Modifier30115544 00??
Max Upgrade30115545 000F
Slot #6
Car Modifier30115548 00??
Max Upgrade30115549 000F
Slot #7
Car Modifier3011554C 00??
Max Upgrade3011554D 000F
Slot #8
Car Modifier30115550 00??
Max Upgrade30115551 000F
Slot #9
Car Modifier30115554 00??
Max Upgrade30115555 000F
Slot #10
Car Modifier30115558 00??
Max Upgrade30115559 000F
Slot #11
Car Modifier3011555C 00??
Max Upgrade3011555D 000F
Slot #12
Car Modifier30115560 00??
Max Upgrade30115561 000F
Slot #13
Car Modifier30115564 00??
Max Upgrade30115565 000F
Slot #14
Car Modifier30115568 00??
Max Upgrade30115569 000F
Slot #15
Car Modifier3011556C 00??
Max Upgrade3011556D 000F
Slot #16
Car Modifier30115570 00??
Max Upgrade30115571 000F
Slot #17
Car Modifier30115574 00??
Max Upgrade30115575 000F
Slot #18
Car Modifier30115578 00??
Max Upgrade30115579 000F
Slot #19
Car Modifier3011557C 00??
Max Upgrade3011557D 000F
Slot #20
Car Modifier30115580 00??
Max Upgrade30115581 000F
Slot #21
Car Modifier30115584 00??
Max Upgrade30115585 000F
Slot #22
Car Modifier30115588 00??
Max Upgrade30115589 000F
Slot #23
Car Modifier3011558C 00??
Max Upgrade3011558D 000F
Slot #24
Car Modifier30115590 00??
Max Upgrade30115591 000F
Slot #25
Car Modifier30115594 00??
Max Upgrade30115595 000F
Slot #26
Car Modifier30115598 00??
Max Upgrade30115599 000F

Trophy Room - Have Gold Trophies
WorldWide Roadster Classic30115F81 0001
Regional Club Circuit30115F82 0001
Super Sedan Challenge30115F83 0001
Grand Touring Competition30115F84 0001
International Supercar Series30115F85 0001
GT Racing Championship30115F86 0001
Weekend Road Racing Classic30115F87 0001
Twilight Open Series30115F88 0001
International Open Road Tour30115F89 0001
Knockout Challenge30115F8A 0001
Corvette Pro Cup30115F8B 0001
Porsche Pro Cup30115F8C 0001
Endurance Racing Competition30115F8D 0001
Open Road Knockout Challenge30115F8F 0001

Infinite Pursuit Time8005E1EE 2400
Extra Money80115da63b00
99 Championship Points80115eb40063

Quantity Digits for Car Modifier Codes
00 - Mercedes SLK 230
01 - BMW 23 Roadster 2.8
02 - Ford Falcon XR8
04 - Camaro Z28
05 - Firebird T/A
06 - Aston Martin DB7
07 - Jaguar XKR
08 - BMW M5
09 - Corvette
0A - 550 Maranello
0B - Porsche 911
0C - Ferrari F50
0D - Diablo SV
0E - Mercedes CLK-GTR
0F - McLaren F1 GTR
10 - Porsche 911 Turbo (Racer)
11 - Ford Falcon XR8
12 - Corvette (Racer)
13 - Phantom
14 - Titan
15 - Ford Falcon XR8
16 - Caprice (Cop Car)
17 - Ford Falcon XR8
18 - BMW M5 (Cop Car)
19 - Corvette (Cop Car)
1A - Porsche 911 (Cop Car)
1B - Diablo SV (Cop Car)
1C - Police Helicopter
1D - Traffic Car #1
1E - Traffic Car #2
1F - Traffic Car #3
20 - Traffic Car #4 (Station Wagon)
21 - Traffic Car #5 (School Bus)
22 - Traffic Car #6 (Blazer)
23 - Traffic Car #7
24 - Traffic Car #8 (Trash Truck)
25 - Traffic Car #9 (Pickup Truck)
26 - Traffic Car #10 (Big Truck #1)
27 - Traffic Car #11 (Big Truck #2)
28 - Traffic Car #12 (Mini Van)
29 - Traffic Car #13
2A - Traffic Car #14
2B - Traffic Car #15
2C - Traffic Car #16
2D - Traffic Car #17
2E - Traffic Car #18 (Taxi)
2F - Traffic Car #19 (Greyhound Bus)
30 - Traffic Car #20 (Log Truck)
31 - Traffic Car #21 (City Bus)
32 - Ford Falcon XR8

Quantity Digits to accompany Funky Views Cheat
1 - Dashboard View
9 - Front Of Car
A - Rotating Camera
C - Stationary Camera (Press Triangle to keep up with the car)

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