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Need for Speed: High Stakes - edited cars
If you have made an edited car you can send it to us by e-mail. We will post most of the cars we recieve, however, if a car looks to much like the car where it's made from or the car just isn't good enough we can decide not to post it. You can always try though, since we pos almost all cars we recieve...Before you send us your car please read the following rules for sending us a car:
  • Send your cars zipped (with Winzip) so they it takes in less space.
  • Provide a readme file in the zipfile with at least information how to install the car.
  • Take a screenshot from the car in the car menu or while driving it in the game (press ALT+P to take a screenshot). Add the screenshot (in jpeg, bmp of gif format) to the zipfile or just send it together with the zipfile. We prefer a screenshot with a size of 132x99 pixels for the menus and a larger one too.
  • Typ a few lines of information about the car in the e-mail you send us, which we can place with the car.

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