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NFS III: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed (NFS) is back with 13 new licensed supercars, 3-D enhanced graphics and fresh gameplay features, including a "chase or be chased" hot pursuit option in which players can attempt to outrun the NFS police cars or drive specialized patrol cars to chase high speed racers.

Designed specifically for the PC and building upon the success of it's PlayStation predecessor, Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit for the PC delivers an array of new features including: chase human or Artificial Intelligence (AI) racers as an NFS cop, dashboard views, free downloadable supercars via the Internet, 3-D graphics support and split-screen as well as multiplayer capabilities through LAN, serial link or modem to modem.

The game boasts strong AI that pushes racers to their limits via opponents with personalities that counter player behavior with edgy moves of their own. For instance, if a player repeatedly cuts off a particular opponent, that opponent will retaliate.

Enhancing the gameplay in Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit is the robust audio and special effects such as night driving (high and low beams), cop lights that cast blue and red glows, rain that sprays off the tires (and onto the screen), blowing leaves and debris, as well as thunder, lightning, and other varying weather conditions. A real-time lighting model and reflective mapping on the cars coupled with full stunning 3-D graphics support takes NFS to the next level.

Key Features

  • NEW: Thirteen new licensed supercars, free downloadable cars, dashboard views, multiplayer capabilities and full 3-D support.
  • Eight real world courses (plus one bonus for a total of nine). Each track is rendered in 16-bit color that provides rich and vibrant graphics mirroring actual road characteristics.
  • Hot pursuit mode features five different levels of police behavior including multiple car pursuits, roadblocks and tire spikes as well as realistic dispatcher and cop radio chatter.
  • AI competitors, including cops, who have individual personalities and will react differently. If aggravated and/or challenged, AI opponents will increase speed, aggression, cornering, blocking, ramming and honking.
  • Launch to the NFS web site from inside the game to find cheats, car specs, car photos, available cars for downloading into the game, screenshots for wallpaper and more.
  • Three difficulty modes with varying options: novice, advanced and pro. Novice features pre-set AI driving assists (e.g. steering, braking; collision, etc.) with limited AI aggression; advanced offers fewer assists and pro mode contains no assists for a true driving simulation experience.
  • Customize cars with unlimited colors and multiple performance options.
  • Multiple options including: traffic that can be turned on/off, tutor with navigator speech and on-screen arrows that assist with turns, best line identifying the quickest routes, traction control, automatic braking.
  • Night driving (high and low beams).
  • Varying weather with corresponding road surfaces effects, including slippery roads when raining and icy roads when snowing.
  • Multiple camera views and tracks that can be raced backwards or in mirror mode.
  • Force Feedback support.
  • Voodoo I & II and Direct 3D support.

System requirements

  • 166MHz Pentium class processor (Intel, Cyrix, AMD)or 133 MHz with 3Dfx card
  • 16 Mb RAM
  • 4x CD-ROM drive
  • 85 Mb free HD space
  • DirectX 5 (included on game CD)
  • Windows95/98
  • Keyboard

    *3D accelerated dashboards require an 8Mb PCI, 4 Mb AGP or 12 Mb VoodooII card

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