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The PC version of NFSIII consists of 11 sportscars. Of each car you can get information and pictures by clicking on the name of it. Electronic Arts will offer downloadable cars on the net for free. The total amount of cars can increase up to 20 cars in this way. Pictures and information on these downloadable cars will be added as soon as they are released.

sportcars edited cars edited cars downloadable cars
1: Aston Martin DB7
  2: Chevrolet Corvette C5
    3: Ferrari 355 F1 Spider
      4: Ferrari 550 Maranello
        5: Italdesign Scighera
          6: Jaguar Sport XJR-15
            7: Jaguar XK8
              8: Lamborghini Countach
                9: Lamborghini Diablo SV
                  10: Mercedes CLK GTR
                    11: Mercedes SL 600
                      12: Holden HSV GTS*
                        13: Ford Falcon GT*

*only in the Australian version, you can download them here

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