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Cheat Codes

These codes let you drive the civilian cars. Type them in any of the menu screens. NFS2 SE has different codes.
  Code   What it does.
BMWBMW 5-series
BUGVolkswagen Beetle
BUSSchool bus
COMMANCHECommanche pick-up truck
LANDCRUISERToyota Landcruiser
MERCEDESMercedes-Benz 500 SL
MIATAMazda Miata
QUATTROAudi A6 Quattro
VANAGONVolkswagen van
VOLVOVolvo 850 Estate
DRIVE31Citroën 2CV
DRIVE40Souvenir Stand 1
DRIVE41Souvenir Stand 2
DRIVE42Souvenir Stand 3
DRIVE44Wooden crate
DRIVE48Hovering sewage truck
DRIVE49Snowy wooden box
DRIVE50Snowy wooden box 2

Other Codes

Type these in the main menu screen.

PIONEERGives you the powerful Pioneer engine
SLIPAll roads become slippery
HOLLYWOODOpens the secret track

Hold 'N' down while loading a race, you'll get a night race! (Thanks to Rudy Velickovski)

Bonus Car

You can get Ford Indigo by typing REDRACER in the main menu.

Invisible Walls

This cheat works only in Mediterraneo or Mystic Peaks. Put on the reverse gear and hit an object (like souvenir stands or crates) with the speed of 30 kmh/20 mph or greater and toot your horn. You should now be able to go through the invisible walls. This cheat will lose its effect after a while.

Download a replay, showing how to do it (thanks to Ted Menendez).

Mystic Peaks

Psycho Mode

At the start of the race drive a little bit forward and then hit reverse. Then hit the handbreak and keep it on for about 5 secs. This activates the Psycho Mode, and it lasts until the end of the race. For some real show, try doing both the wall remove and psycho mode cheats!

Download a replay, showing how to do it.

Pioneer Proving Grounds

Short Cuts

North Country

In the middle of the track, just after the tunnel, there is a shortcut on your right (hole in the wooden fence).

Pacific Spirit

In the beginning of the track, when you're driving by the sea (sea is on your right), there is parking lot. Go through the parking area and then continue along the grass until you hit the road again.