Need for Speed II




F1 Racing Simulation

Info on new cars


  • When going off ramps, especially in Mediterraneo, just before going off the ramp push the handbrake and turn hard. This works only in simulation mode. (Thanks to Brad Whelchel)
  • To obstruct traffic, take the bus and park the beast across the highway.
    (Thanks to Bill McGuire)
  • To flip over busses and semis you drive beside them and when the front half is in front of the bus/semi, turn hard towards the bus/semi. (Thanks to Jack Wei)
  • In two-player mode, you can play a little Police and Bandit -game, so that the first player starts as a bandit, the other as a police. The police tries to crash into the bandit and when he succeeds, they swap roles. Then you can count how often you were a bandit and how often a police. (Thanks to Nirvana)
  • "Extreme height... when racing another human (provided you are human too...) crash into a car so that you get yourself airborne (preferably with nose down and tail up) and your opponent should ram you as hard as possible. You will be sent up into the air like a rocket..." Look at the picture! (Thanks to Blue Mamba)

High flying!

Pioneer Proving Grounds

  • Drive to the pit lane
  • "Take the T-rex on the proving grounds to the start line. Turn into the wall that separtes the pit lane and track. Slowly go into the wall at a slow speed at about a 45 degree angle. Use as much power as you can but do spin tires. Turn wheels left and right and you will slowly move through the wall."
    (Thanks to Larry Parks)


  • "In outback where u drive into the desert go on the sand and there should be a jump. You do a nose dive right into the sand and flip over a couple of times." (Thanks to

Pacific Spirit

  • Drive the dirt road on the beach (right from the road)
  • Take the logs from beach and push them on to the road and watch opponents crashing into them (Thanks to Harold Casey)
  • "I noticed that in the back left side of the parking lot, if you drive in to the trees on the grass at certain angle, your car will appear at the top of the hill." (Thanks to Sean Kelly)
  • "In Pacific Spirit flip either a bus or a semi and push it into the road so that it blocks both lanes. As more traffic builds up th area watch as they push the vehicle blockade so they can get around. You can bet on which lane or direction of traffic can get around it first." (Thanks to Sean O'Donoghue)


  • In the village, drive as right as you can, until you hit a ramp
  • Drive the ramp near the windmills
  • Drive behind the windmills
  • Move the stands near the finish line
  • Drive to the chasm from the wooden bridge near the finish line (from the broken fence)
  • In the beginning of the track, drive very fast to the first jump and aim left and you may fly over the fence just before the town
  • Right after the cave and the ruins you see bended fench. Turn right to hit the fench. If you hit it right, you should be able to fall onto the beach. If you land on your wheels you should be able to drive on the sand for few seconds. (Thanks to

Mystic Peaks

  • If you go fast enough before the bridge you should be able to jump off the side of the bridge (Thanks to Semyon Shtulberg)
  • Drive fast (180+ km/h) on the wooden bridge and you will fly to the chasm after the bridge

Monolithic Studios

  • Move the wagon in the wild west scene
  • Smash into the T-Rex, push it on to the road and watch opponents crashing into it (Thanks to Mike Berthold)
  • Drive up the T-Rex's tail (cool ramp!) (Thanks to H. Sowtis)

Last Resort

  • Drive down from the bridge
  • Drive around the boxes on left, just before the monkey-head
  • There's a jump between the monkey-head and the bridge
  • Another jump after the long tunnel
  • Drive the track reversed and just after the finish line on your left there's a huge jump!

If you think you have a cool idea which is not on the list, e-mail it to me.