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You can drive on seven different tracks, one of them is a bonus track, which can be opened by winning the 'knockout mode' or using a cheat code.

 Pioneer Proving Grounds - Norway
Proving Grounds logo Located far in the Norway, this testing track is the fastest of the selection. It was originally meant for insurance testing, but it also serves as a hi-speed racing track, where you can attain the top speed of your car very easily. No traffic on this track. Best car for this track is McLaren F1.

 Outback - Australia
Also a very fast track. Track goes through deserts, Sydney downtown and Australian outback. Long straights and easy curves makes it a favourite for beginners and all those reckless drivers. Best car for this track is McLaren F1. Outback logo

 North Country - Northern Europe
North Country logo This track combines the speed of a modern autobahn and the tight curves in a small town, offering a wide range of challenges making it suitable for experts and beginners. You'll drive through the medieval castle, Kinderwelt, small town, fields with windmills and alpine foothills. A shortcut can be found at this track. Best car at this track is probably the Lotus GT1

 Pacific Spirit - Canada
From the streets of downtown to the rainforests of Canada and the rocky mountains, this track offers more variation than any of the other tracks in the game, making it my personal favourite. There is also a shortcut in this track. Good cars for this track are Lotus GT1 and again McLaren F1 with increased downforce. Pacific Spirit logo

 Mediterraneo - Greece
Mediterraneo logo Twisty track with lots of challenge. You will be driving through the narrow streets of a Greek village, the ancient ruins and the twisty road in the mountains. There is much difference between a car with automatic transmission and and manual transmission. Last one is much faster. The best car for Mediterraneo is McLaren F1 with increased downforce.

 Mystic Peaks - Nepal
Mystic Peaks track takes you to snowy Himalayas, ancient temples, crystal caves and the twisty, snowy roads of Nepal. This is surely the most difficult track in NFS2. Indigo and Lotus GT1 are the best cars around here. Mystic Peaks logo

 Monolithic Studios - United States (bonus track)
Monolithic Studios logo Here, in the Monolithic Studios track located in Hollywood you can have a look at filming of such movies as Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Independence Day, but don't be too distracted by these spectacles or you may easily find yourself upside down. This track is bonus track, and can be opened by winning the 'knockout mode' game or using a cheat code. Best cars for this track are Lotus GT1 and Ford Indigo with increased downforce.

 Last Resort - Mexico (Special Edition)
This twisty track takes you to the sands, beaches, long tunnels and breathtaking sceneries of Mexico. Although it's not very hard, you've still got to be alert or you may find yourself from bottom of a chasm or upside down in a rain forest. Last Resort logo
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