/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Table Of Contents Demo Information Controls and Instructions System Requirements DirectX7 download information Video Driver Notes 3DFx Voodoo 2 and Higher 3DFx Voodoo 1 nVidia Riva 128 nVidia TNT/TNT2 nVidia GeForce Diamond Viper II Diamond Stealth III G540 Controls Screen Shots Install Notes Poor install performance and Outlook 98 Crash installing when using Browse on Netware Networks Alt-Tab Problems Audio Delay Attention Windows 98/98SE Intel Camino and Athlon motherboard users! Pentium Pro and Voodoo 2 Cards Warranty and Copyright information Credits /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Demo Information The NFS Porsche Unleashed Internet Beta Demo comes with a 15 day time limit which will let you play Multiplayer/Internet games with one car and one track. The Full Version of Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed has many different modes of play including: Evolution, Factory Driver, Single Race, Knockout and Quick Knockout. The Full Version also include of 80 different cars from Porsche's history (from the 356 to the new 2000 911(996) Turbo) as well as 9 Linear tracks and 5 Looped Tracks. The Internet Beta Demo is only compatible with other Internet Beta Demo games and is NOT compatible with games hosted by the Full Version of NFS Porsche Unleashed. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Controls and Instructions When first starting your game you must enter a name and select an avatar (character). If you do not choose an avatar, generic helmeted avatar will be used. The avatar will appear on screen when you are in the lead during an Internet Race. Options To configure your Options, click on the Options button on the bottom of the screen, this will allow you to customize all of your options to your liking. You can also customize your controller configuration here as well. The Basic default controls are: Accelerate: [Up Arrow] Steer Left/Right: [Left/Right Arrow] Brake: [Down Arrow] Reverse: Press and Hold [Down Arrow] Hand Brake: Space Bar Change Camera View: C Reset Car: R INTERNET GAMES Connect to www.earacing.com to obtain an online racing account and race against other players around the world. You must have a connection to the Internet to access EARACING.com. If you do not have an account, click REGISTER. The game will close and you will head to EARACING.COM to set up an account. To begin an Internet game: 1. From the Main menu, select MULTIPLAYER. The Multiplayer menu appears. 2. From the Multiplayer menu, select INTERNET GAMES. The Account Setup menu appears. 3. On the Account Setup menu, enter your account name and password, then click SIGN ON. The Server Selection screen appears. 4. Select a server. The Internet Games screen appears. INTERNET GAMES SCREEN From the Main Menu - Click on Multiplayer and then Click on Internet Games and then sign on using your registered name. Click CREATE to host a new race To host a race: 1. Click CREATE. The Race Name menu appears. 2. Enter a race name, then click OK. The Game Settings menu appears. 3. Select settings and wait for other racers to join. 4. When the desired number of players have joined and you are ready to begin, click RACE. To join a race: 1. Select a host game from the hosted game list. 2. Click JOIN. The Settings menu appears. 3. Select you vehicle settings, then click READY to begin. UNINSTALL INFORMATION To uninstall the NFS: Porsche Unleased Internet Beta Demo go to the Start Menu - Electronic Arts - NFS Porsche Online Beta - Uninstall and proceed with the Uninstall. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// REQUIRED FOR INTERNET BETA DEMO p Windows® 95, Windows 98, or Windows 2000 (Windows NT is not supported) 266 MHz or faster Pentium processor 64MB RAM 4MB AGP or PCI video card will full Direct3D support and DirectX 7.0a compatible driver DirectX 7.0a compatible sound card Keyboard Mouse DirectX7a 56.6 kbps or faster direct Internet connection SUPPORTED INPUT DEVICES Mouse, keyboard, Windows 95/Windows 98 supported gamepad (10 or more buttons recommended), joystick, or steering wheel. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DirectX7 Information You must have DirectX7 (or DirectX7a) installed on your PC to run the NFS: Porsche Unleashed Internet Beta Demo. If you do not already have DirectX7 installed you can download it from the Microsoft site at: http://www.microsoft.com/directx/homeuser/downloads/default.asp /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Video Driver Notes Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed was designed for use under Direct X release 7. Please ensure that you have the latest DX7 drivers installed on your system. 3DFx Voodoo 2 and Higher Support for Voodoo2 and higher cards is through Dx7. Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest DirectX drivers for your Voodoo card. 3DFx Voodoo 1 Support for Voodoo1 is through Glide. nVidia RIVA128 For best look and performance, the following should be set via the Nvidia RIVA 128 video card control panel: - Per pixel mipmapping: Disabled; - No Automatic mipmap generation; - Direct3D Texture Memory Size: 0 MB. If you are having trouble with unreadable or scrambled fonts, try changing the Addressing Mode switches to (you may need to adjust the following settings): - Non-Filtered Texel Origin: CENTER - Filtered Texel Origin: x=0.00 texels, y=0.00 texels. nVidia TNT/TNT2 On the TNT and TNT2 class cards if you are having trouble with unreadable or scrambled fonts, try changing the Addressing Mode switches in the TNT/TNT2 video card control panel to (you may need to play with these settings): - Non-Filtered Texel Origin: Upper left corner; - Filtered Texel Origin: x=0.00 texels, y=0.00 texels. nVidia GeForce Please ensure that the latest drivers are in use. Problems have been identified with slow frame rate and game instability on driver releases prior to 5.x. The Diamond Viper II This video card appears to have Z-precision issues. This results in the polygons (or groups of polygons) appearing to "swim" and "poke through each other" in both the game options screens and while driving (most notably with the cars). Diamond is aware of this problem and is looking into it. The Diamond Stealth III G540 This video card has graphical problems when using some S3 provided video drivers. Diamond provided drivers do not show this problem. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CONTROLS 'Look Forward' This function when used with the 'Look Left' and 'Look Right' keys allows you to look at a 45 Degree angle in each direction. Example: When holding down the 'Look Left' key and the 'Look Forward' key at the same time, you will look left 45 degrees. When pressing the 'look forward' button on it's own, it does nothing. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SCREEN SHOTS Press Alt-P to take screenshots from gameplay to show your friends or put on the Internet. Once you have taken a screenshot, they can be found in [Need For Speed]\SaveData. The screenshots are named UNLEASHEDxx.TGA. The file format is TGA (Photoshop) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// INSTALL Issues Poor install performance and Outlook 98 Symptom When I run Setup.exe on my system, which has Microsoft® Outlook™ 98 running and is connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server, the setup initialization reaches 99%, but then nothing happens. If I wait a long time, the first dialog box appears and the installation proceeds normally. Cause This problem occurs due to some timing issues between Setup.exe and the Microsoft Exchange Server. Workaround Close Outlook 98 before running Setup.exe. Generally, you should not have any other applications running when you run an installation. Crash while installing when using Browse on Netware Networks Symptom On any PC with Client32 installed and connected to the network, clicking "browse" during the install to select a different directory to install to will cause the installer to crash. Cause This problem happens only on some systems running Client for NetWare Networks. It is due to a bug in Nwnp32.dll that affects programs that display the 16-bit style open file common dialog box. In InstallShield installation authoring products, it affects all dialogs that contain a Browse button (AskDestPath, AskPath, ComponentDialog, EnterDisk, SdAskDestPath, SdComponentDialog, SdComponentDialogAdv, and SdSetupType). Resolution A fix is available on Microsoft’s Web site at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q192/2/49.asp. Note: This information only applies to the English version of Windows 98. Contact Microsoft for the Japanese and German versions of this DLL. Workaround Prior to the availability of the fix, some InstallShield customers reported that taking the following actions enabled them to work around the problem: - Connect to a bindery server, instead of using NDS (NetWare Directory Services). - Do not map any network drives (including through the logon script). - Do not log on to the network. - Use a custom dialog to prompt for the path. - Use the AskPath dialog and type the path into the edit field, instead of browsing to it. - Install and use NetWare network client software from Novell, instead of the existing Client for NetWare Networks. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// Alt-Tab Problems The use of Alt-Tab to minimize the game during Internet games may disconnect you from the game. When returning to a game that was minimized with Alt-Tab, you may experience pauses or temporary graphic corruption. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// Audio Delay If you are using a Sound Card that does not have current Direct X driver support you may experience slight delays in audio playback. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attention Windows 98/98SE Intel Camino and Athlon motherboard users! A patch may be needed to enable proper AGP support on your machine. Users who are experiencing performance issues with the NVIDIA 3.x driver series and NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro cards must install this patch. Other users experiencing performance issues will also wish to install the required patch. For Intel motherboards (i810, i810E, i820, i840, i430, i440): http://developer.intel.com/design/software/drivers/platform/inf/infinst_enu_pv22.htm For Athlon motherboards with the AMD-751 System Controller (Northbridge): http://www.amd.com/products/cpg/bin/miniport_461.exe ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Pentium Pro and Voodoo 2 Cards For users with Pentium Pro machines and Voodoo2 video cards: if the game is not functioning at all (doesn't get into any screens) then add, "driver=voodoo2z" to your shortcut's Target: line, following Porsche.exe. Eg. "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\NFS Porsche Online Beta\Porsche.exe driver=voodoo2z" ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHICH ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT WILL ELECTRONIC ARTS BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM POSSESSION, USE, OR MALFUNCTION OF THIS ELECTRONIC ARTS SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. ELECTRONIC ARTS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS FILE AND TO THE SOFTWARE AT ANY TIME AND WITHOUT NOTICE. THIS FILE AND THE SOFTWARE HEREWITH IS COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. NO PART OF THIS FILE OR THE SOFTWARE MAY BE COPIED, REPRODUCED, TRANSLATED, OR REDUCED TO ANY ELECTRONIC MEDIUM OR MACHINE-READABLE FORM WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF ELECTRONIC ARTS, P.O. BOX 9025, REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA 94063-9025, ATTN: CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Need For Speed is a trademark or registered trademark of Electronic Arts in the U.S. and/or other countries. Porsche is a registered trademark of Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG. Licensed from Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG under certain Patents. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CREDITS Development Team: Lead Programmer: Brad Gour World Rendering: Alan Bucior Dave Lucas Car Rendering: Jason Major 3-D Programming: Andrew Brownsword Brad Gour AI Programming: Ryan Ho Physics and Simulation: Daniel Teh Cameras and Controllers: Josh Brown Tools: Nenad Jankovic Tim Morris Audio Programmers: Robert Bailey Mike Kiernan Communications Programming: Mike Kiernan Interface Programmers: Roger Freddi Gary Steinke Additional Programming: Matthew Block Nathan Whitaker Lead Artist: Rob Adams Lead Track Artists: Eduardo Agostini Paul Goad Lead Car Artist: David Carman Lead Graphical Interface Artist: Angie Pytlewski Tracks: Rob Adams Garth Buzzard Jude Godin Gregg Haggman Aaron Lane Anthony Leonati Jordan Stolearcius Lighting and Environments: Simon Craghead Cars: Kim Gill Giovanni Sasso Cars and Drivers: Curtis Hoines Graphical Interface Art: Yvonne Vuu Additional Art: Sheila Allan Andrew Gilmour Scott Jackson Ronel Mendoza Viewpoint Studios Lead Audio: Saki Kaskas Music: Morphadron Cypher Captain Ginger Sound Effects: Crispin Hands Saki Kaskas Jenn Lewis Rom Di Prisco Music Mastering and Editing: Rom Di Prisco Speech Manager and Editor: Jenn Lewis Speech Editors: Jason Ross Tools and Libraries: Frank Barchard Daniel Kennett Vladimir Kravtchenko Paul Lalonde Patrick Martin Dave Mercier Kaz Okuda Patrick Ratto Eric Schenk Gerry Shaw Rob Will David Wong Photography: Diego Cassetta Video Technician: Bruce MacKinnon Mark Ricard American Speech Recording: Engineer: Jenn Lewis Voice Talent: Michael Dobson Speech Scripts and Layout: Gio Corsi Tony Whitney Development Directors: Brett Bradstock Harry Ross Senior Development Director: Marcel Laforce Production Coordinator: Xenia Mul Assistant Producer: Shane Neville Associate Producers: Ivan Allan Scott Probin Serena Whitters Producer: Tony Parkes Executive Producer: Hanno Lemke Localisation Team: Localisation Producer and Licencing: Arlaine Walker Europe Localisation Manager: Sandra Picaper Europe Audio Localisation Manager: David Lapp Language Testing Coordinator: Simon Davison Foreign Speech Recording: Jenn Lewis Localisation France: Localisation Manager: Christine Jean Translation (ingame): Olivier Vera Localised Project Management: Olivier Desanti Nathalie Duret Speech Recording: Le Lotus Rose - Paris Voice Talent: Francoise Cadol Claire Guyot Thierry Ragueneau Language Testing: Gregory Touilliez Quality Control: Lionel Berrodier !Localisation Germany: German Localisation: Micheala Bartelt German Translation: Bettina Bachon Micheala Bartelt Claudia Stevens German Speech Recording: M&S Music, Frankfurt German Voice Talent: Egon Hoegen Language Testing: Manuel Bertrams German QA: Lars Berenbrinker Dirk Vojtilo German Marketing: Hans-Jörg Brand Localisation Italy: Localisation Manager: Clare Parkes Italian Version: C.T.O. S.p.A. (Bologna) Testers: Michele Pinardi Giulio Marchionni Localisation Spain: Tester: Jose Luis Rovira Translations: Julio Valladares Luis Pines QA: David Carrasco Alvaro Corral Tomas Hermida David Santos Antonio Yago Localisation Brazil: Localisation Manager: Macelo Terrafino Translation: Mateus Andrade Edward Magri Languages Testing: Mateus Andrade Marketing Brazil: Geraldo Prado Andrea Agento Localisation Sweden: Translation Coordinator: Mia Opancar Translation: Erik Sigvardsson Language Testing: Sami Valkama Quality Control: Sami Valkama Jesper Broström Voice Over: Joppe Pilgren Marketing: Product Manager (North America): Peter Royea Product Manager (U.K.): Audrey Meehan Documentation and Packaging: Manual Writer: Anthony Lynch Package Design: Mike Lippert Packing Direction: Adrienne Rogers Web Development and Design: ea.com Quality Assurance: QA Project Manager: Tim Des Lauriers SQA Team Lead: John Johnson SQA Senior Testers: John Brett Richard Lambert SQA Testers: Edgardo Alvarez Jamey Brewster Colin Currie Jo' Sun Fu Brett Henderson Theresa Lim Matt Lambert Greg Lutzer Brad Porteous Jeremy Reimer Christopher Roussy Josh Smillie Gordon Thornton Dave Tong Wesley Trevor Chris Waddell Steve Watson QA Localization Project Manager: Carole Enahoro QA Localization Point of Contact: Dan Rodgers QA Localization Testers: Kimberley Blancard Alejandro Huerta Rodas QA Technical Support Manager: Micheal Rhodes QA Technical Lead: D'arcy Gog QA Compatibility Technicians: Colin Cox Mark Henderson Brian Oberquell Zech Prinz Desktop Support Technicians: Chris Wallace Mike Colby QA Database Administrators: Jason Feser Bob Purewal Mastering: Cary Chao Shamus Frigon Peter Petkov Opening Video Sequence: Equinoxe Digitial Entertainment Special Thanks: Jason Brauer KC and Chelsea Dwiggins at Pacific Colour Scott Blackwood Jim Edmunds John Fawcett Joel Leuders Jean Lu Sam Nelson Rob Macdonald Kevin Pickell Kaylin Tabb Chuck Walters Yvo Zoer Special Thanks to all at Porsche, especially Peter Metzdorf.