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Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed - demo
The NFS Porsche Unleashed Demo will let you play Single Player/Quick Race games with one car and one track. It doesn't contain any music tracks to minimize the download size but the Music Option is available in the Options Screen. The Full Version of the game has a wide variety of music tracks available. The Full Version of Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed has many different modes of play including: Evolution, Factory Driver, Knockout and Quick Knockout. It also includes over 80 different cars from Porsche's history (from the 356 to the new 2000 911(996) Turbo) as well as 9 Linear tracks and 5 Looped Tracks. You can grab the demo (30.15 Mb) from one of the folowwing locations:

  • Avault
  • 3D files
  • Gamespot

    Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed - internet demo
    Thanks to EA we can offer you an exclusive NFS: PU internet beta demo. The Demo comes with a 15 day time limit and it will let you play Multiplayer/Internet games with one car (Porsche 911 Carrera '95) and one track (Normandie). It's only compatible with other Internet Beta Demo games and is NOT compatible with games hosted by the Full Version of NFS Porsche Unleashed. You can download the demo here or here (32,6 Mb)! Further info: readme.txt

    To run the Porsche Unleashed Online Beta program, you will need an EARacing account. You can sign up for an account here. If you already have an EA Racing account, then you need to register for the Porsche Unleashed Online Beta program, which can be done with the following CD-Key below, provided by EA:
    (this key can also be used for the full version of NFS: PU)

    After you've setup your EA Racing account and registerd using the key you can start the NFS5: Porsche Unleashed internet demo, click "multiplayer" then "internet games" to race against others through EARacing!

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