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Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed - review
Check back for our NFS: PU review later this week. For now you can check out some previews of other online gaming magazines and the press release of both the PC and Playstation version of the game:

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    Official Press Release

    Key Features

    • Two new gameplay modes:
      • The first mode features mission-based driving including rewards for highlighting your driving abilities (360-degree turns, etc), as well as dealing with challenging situations such as when police appear.
      • The second mode is a deep career mode that progresses through time. Cars need to be purchased and can be upgraded through performance and aerodynamic modifications. This mode takes place within a working economy simulating supply and demand as well as factoring in inflation. A car’s history will be tracked affecting its future value. Additionally, car parts need to be repaired and maintained.
    • The new gameplay modes are complimented by a series of quick, fast-paced single-race modes for instant gratification.
    • Up to four-player on the PlayStation via the multi tap and multi-player support on the PC supported via LAN, Modem, Direct Link and up to eight-players over the Internet through a new distributed server model.
    • The PlayStation version will allow gamers to race in five countries with the capability for up to 40 segments using the new grid-based track technology, which allows for more realistic city environments with multiple routes.
    • Four-point physics model that simulates the subtleties of each car model, car upgrade, detailed car settings and damaged car parts.
    • Over 80 historic and future Porsche models players can race in the PC version and over 50 on the PlayStation. A damage model is incorporated to affect both car’s performance and appearance.
    • Polygon drivers animate in the cockpits (drivers even turn around when reversing).
    • New for the PlayStation version is the ability to drive convertible models with the tops down.
    • Various times of day and dynamic weather conditions, as well as bigger and more dynamic collisions.
    • Porsche showcase that features video, slides, narration and statistics on the Porsche history of the past 50 years.
    PC Specific Key Features
    • Features nine open road tracks based entirely in Europe, as well as three purpose built race tracks with true forked path capabilities, which allow alternate routes, road intersections, true on and off ramps, and short cuts.
    • Highly detailed 3D cockpits that incorporate authentic animated and illuminated dashboards, as well as authentic engine sounds and cockpit noises (shifting, squeaks, rattles, etc.) and polygon hands that will animate to shift gears
    • Camera technology in the cockpit that will simulate actual head movement within a car.
    • Online play capability with a distributed server model.
    • Players will be able to download new cars from the Need For Speed Web site after the product launches.
    • Players will be able to play their own audio CD.
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