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Superbike 2000
Previews - Superbike 2000

Superbike 2000 is the successor of last year's Superbike World Championship. That last game wasn't bad already, but now EA sports have produced one of the best games ever! We were amazed at the unbelievable graphics of this game, SBK 2000 almost looks better than in real life.... The attention to detail is fantastic, you can even see the faces of the riders through their helmets. And most important of all in a racing game; the gameplay is superb. Whether you want the game to be easy or very realistic, everything is possible. When turning most help functions off, the bikes react exactly like you expect them to do. Our compliments to EA sports! We'd like to end this with a quote of them, Superbike 2000 is "the most detailed motorcycle racing sim ever"!!!



  • New two-player split-screen racing
  • New TV-style presentation with race commentary
  • New motion-capture delivers incredible moves and thrilling crashes
  • 20 SBK Superbike World Championship riders including world champ Carl Fogarty
  • 13 SBK Superbike World Championship circuits
  • Superbikes from Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Aprilia
  • Improved Championship mode
  • Weather and special effects
  • Unrivaled graphics, physics, and audio--the most detailed motorcycle racing sim ever
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